Martyr Gengdan

Born in 1892, Anlu city, Hubei Province.

In the Revolution of 1911, Captain of Students Army

1913, a student of political economics at University of London.

1919, a Ph.D. graduate with honors. Working in departments of economics and politics at Peking University. The book On International Investment published. Articles in New Youth including China and Bank Groups, Old and New, an economic insight into imperial   invasion of China and its consequences of Chinese people’s movements of
anti-imperialism and anti-feudalism.

Late 1920, provost and professor at Wuchang Advanced Teachers College and
Wuchang Business College, today’s Wuhan University. Initiator of co-ed, credit system   and visiting students in China.

1921, attendant of Marxism Study sponsored by Wuhan Communist Group.

September 1926, KMT representative and director of political department in National
Revolution Army 15.

Nov.11, 1926, a Communist member recommended by Dong Biwu and Wu Yuzhang.

April 12, 1927, deputy commander of National Revolution Army 15.

Aug.11, 1927, murdered by anti-revolutionists at age of 35.

Geng Dan was an excellent scholar, China’s early educator and well-known social
activist. He contributed his intelligence and valuable life for the course of
national democratic movement and proletariat revolution.

On May 15, 1957, China Central Government conferred him posthumously as Revolutionary Martyr and a certificate signed by Mao Zedong stating “Comrade Geng Dan
sacrificed his life in the glorious revolutionary course. His deeds remain immortal.”

Proved by Ministry of Education, the institute was named after the martyr in his spirit to cultivate students in carrying out the mission and vision represented by Geng Dan for
the country.


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