President’s Message


    We take pride in the name of this college from martyr Geng Dan and from the mission of this newly
established undergraduate institution. We are also proud of the brief past that has witnessed how
much we have achieved in warming the hearts of hundreds of students out of their confused growth.


    With the support from the government and student parents over the past seven years, Gengdan
Institute has developed into a full-time undergraduate college of more than 5,600 students in 2012,
six departments, four program divisions and twenty majors. Student-centered and martyr spirit encouraged, the Institute, with its dedicated teachers and hard-working staff members, has a big vision ahead
in its educational exploration towards a creative and high-profile goal.


    Gengdan Institute aims at first class within its category and qualified graduates with the following
efforts: disciplining and caring for students’ intelligence and self-esteem; international teachers for
English language and a world vision; an engineering center and different practicum bases for
experiential learning; a student union and various societies for an enlarged campus and enriched educational resources.


    For students to become well-rounded talents, with a good mind and good heart, and with good
hands, too, we strongly believe in students’ potentials. We assist students with learning not only for
living but for life as well.




Gan De'an

President and Professor

Gengdan Institute

Beijing University of Technology

Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology TEL:+86-10-60411788,FAX:+86-10-60411756