Department of Art and Design
    1180 students major in four programs with the instruction from more than 50
professors and professionals and a workshop area of 3600 square meters.

Visual Communication


Visual communication program takes graphic, image, typography and color as the basic elements and visual symbol. This program performs the creative design in combination with various traditional and new media, for the purpose of effectively delivering information. This program cultivates Compound-applied talents who can adapt to the Times development, possess international vision, also have the professional project planning, creative, design, production, and  innovative spirit. Graduates will serve the advertising media industry, IT industry, packaging industry, publishing and exhibition display industry and other cross-media industry.


Core curriculum

Graphics and Logo Design, Typography Design, Format Design,Illustration Design,Poster Design,Book Binding Design,Brand Packing Design,Corporate Identity System Design,Website Design,Interaction Design, Audio-visual Language, Motion Graphic.



Environmental Design


Environmental design is a new, comprehensive, on the edge of the art system engineering. It is an interdisciplinary comprehensive subject, involving the basic knowledge of fine arts, sculpture, decorative culture, building, garden art, human body engineering, school of design, material science, psychology, and other fields. No matter in the breadth of the professional theory, or on the diversification of professional skills, it has a certain representation . This major on the basis of social requirements to "thick foundation, wide caliber, specialization" for the training objectives, to indoor landscape, display, lighting design and four professional direction. Through professional theory, professional skills, professional training for the modular teaching methods by phases, to have goals, plans, the cultivation of the innovative method . Added in studio teaching way for professional training , cultivating students' fine design, management and construction of advanced applied talents.


Core courses:


Professional courses: Chinese and foreign landscape history, Chinese and foreign history of architecture, the Chinese and foreign history of furniture;

landscape design, interior design, display design, lighting design, professional project and practice. Graduation design: opening, middle defense, final plea and exhibition


 Digital Media


Digital Media is an overlapping subject, as well as a professional direction of Art which bases on the development of the information technology. This subject focuses on fostering the integration capability of students in the aspect of information technology and arts, the designing and planning capability for the customer experience, and the creative capability of seeking the new method in combining the information industry and social demand. The teaching contents mainly focus on the experimental studies of Interaction Design, Motion Graphic Design, Photography, Design of Digital Entertainment, Network Media, Video and Advertisement aspects, in order to inspire and motive students to create the new artistic and designed works with digital and information technology, and investigate and develop the new art forms that contain the aesthetic and time features simultaneously. This subject also sets the New Media Studio, Future Studio, and Photography Studio.

Core curriculum

Design of Digital Entertainment, New Media Arts, Design of Art Lighting, Interaction Design, Motion Graphic Design


Drama Film Art Design

Film and television drama, film and television art design major, points scene direction and the direction of the film and television characters, this belongs to the drama, film and television art design major, professional direction key learning scenarios, concept design and manufacture art design and performance, the character modelling design and production, the design and manufacture of props, film and television special effects, and the design and manufacture of special effects makeup. By adopting the combination of theory and practice of teaching methods, cultivating students' practical ability and practice ability training in the face of social project.

Core curriculum

Direction of scenarios: The film and television art design,The film and television scene design,The film and television props design and production,Graphic design, film and television concept. Character modelling direction: Character modelling design,Makeup technology,Clothing production,Hair decoration.



As a comprehensive art form, animation is an important part of mass media and cultural creativity industries. Meanwhile its now widely used in the field as film, design, video game, publishing and virtual reality. This course is designed to develop creative thinking, approaches to the making for communicative and moving images, and careers in other related fields.

Core curriculum

Theory and History Of Animation,   Plastic Arts basisScript Writing,  Storyboarding,Audio-Visual Language,  Character Design,Background Design,  Discipline of Motion,  Key Frame Design,  3D Animation (Modelling),  3D Animation (Key Frame Design),  3D Animation (Texture),  Film Editing,  visual effects,Studio study.



The professional development of moral, intellectual, physical, and comprehensive development of the United StatesThe vigorous development of cultural and creative industries in the country and the capital, Knowledge of basic theory and a solid knowledge of advertising, With market research, marketing planning, creative production and other professional skills, Outstanding advertising, exhibition design and implementation capacity, In the field of advertising, exhibition industry in the field of brand planning, customer management, information consulting, production, circulation, service and management of the link, Compound with innovative spirit and high quality applied talents. This major is divided into two major directions: exhibition planning and management, advertising brand and communication.

Core curriculum

Professional guidance,Introduction to communication,Introduction to management science,ntroduction to management science,Market survey,Marketing,Introduction to advertising,Convention and exhibition,Exhibition planning and practice,Advertising planning and practice,Exhibition organization and management,Advertising management and management.


Basic Course

Introduction for basic course section: In the course of teaching, the characteristics of western modern art education are absorbed, and the western ideas and thinking has been put on the prominent position. Students are trained how to think. In the experience process of artistic thinking and expression, the art culture and aesthetic attainment has been emphasized. The students' unique graphic language is cultivated. The traditional hand drawn is combined with various media, and the subject training is used to promote classroom teaching. Through a year of basic course training, students can understand the relationship between design and technology, design and art, and the relationship between art design and social.


Core curriculum

The core courses include modeling foundation, material experiment and interaction foundation. The course of interaction foundation is to cultivate students' ability to use interactive thinking to create interactive products. The main contents of material experiment are material cognition and material expression.




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