Overseas Programs


●Summer Work & Travel, USA is a program run by the United States government. From 2011 on, Gengdan students participate in this program each year. So far about 50
students have legally been to the US for three months during their vacations and work
for US employers. The program is beneficial both for US-based businesses to cover their
rising work force needs during the busy month, and for students who get a perspective on American culture and unforgettable experiences with American people and student
workmates from all over the world through travel and earning money. This is one of the most popular overseas programs on campus.

●Internship in Germany

The program is currently available for mechanical engineering students and economic
and management students. The period of practicum is from two to six weeks, including
seminar classes and hands-on workshops. Visits to different companies and cities are a dispensable part of the program, and each time, a professional instructor goes with the students and an interpreter is provided by the German side. After about 30 students
going to the program, the mechanical department is aiming at setting up long term
collaboration with the German counterparts for an overseas internship base, which is
likely to be a multi-functioned one with language and skills training.

●Study across Taiwan Strait

Over the last two years, a dozen students have taken the opportunity to experience
such a fresh learning practice off mainland and the result is very encouraging. The
shared language and cultural background has made it easier for students to appreciate the differences in all aspects of the two societies with understanding and tolerance.
Academic study in such a new environment has thus become very inspiring and
rewarding. With two scholarships from Taiwan universities in 2012, more applicants are showing up.   

●Voluntary Teachers of Chinese Language

Gengdan Institute has the program of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language with a
yearly student enrollment of 60 into two classes. An effective combination of Chinese
and English curriculum has enabled students to develop a strong sense of language
service for different cultural background learners. In year 2012, four students of the first graduation classes passed a series of tests and interviews for the intensive training
before they are dispatched to schools in Thailand. More graduates will get involved in
such opportunity since many different countries are demanding for Chinese language

●Summer Course at UClan


The English Language Summer Course at UCLan is designed to improve students’ knowledge and skills in English through a program of taught classes, social events and cultural visits, as well as have the opportunity to take part in interesting projects, activities and simulations with other international students. In year 2013, 16 students joined this program to develop their skills in English as the first group. 


3+1 program


The 3+1 program provides perfect opportunity for the students who want to get higher certification and better self- development and offers competitive power for students’ future career. The third year students who meet the program entry requirements can apply for this program. Then the participants are going abroad (US,UK and Ireland) to complete the last year tertiary study in specific major.  Achievement eligible could be rewarded the Gengdan Institute bachelor degree or had a chance to get double degrees both from Gengdan Institute and from foreign University. The graduates who achieve the master enrollment conditions can get further study on their master degree overseas.


Specialized course in Poland


The program available for the Mechanical Engineering students and Art and Design students, offers specialized course in a chosen discipline: Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design and Domestic Design, combines professional project work and sound education in the field of humanities. Each of the specialized courses lasts six weeks and is joined by one humanistic course. Students will gain knowledge, skills and competences indispensable to design professional. In year 2014, 4 students joined this program to develop their specialized skills as the first group.



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