Student Life

Student offices and Youth League Committees at college and each department, and a

Mental Health Center on campus, all function to insure a healthy and happy student life on

and off campus. In addition, a scheme of one instructor for 150 students’ affairs and an

academic adviser for each class are implemented as part of the system for student

management. The close daily contact with students by the instructors makes it easier for

students to adapt into the new environment each year.


Themed lectures and project competition held regularly in and outside college are the

platforms for students presenting their intellectual energy and creative potentials. More

than 30 student societies and art groups enrich the campus life in ways that peer learning

brings about.


2008            200 students and teachers were honored for voluntary work in the Olympics

2009            EXCELLENT ORGANIZATION was granted to 1467 students and teachers         

participating in the gala march for the celebration of 60th national day.

              BEST SERVICE PROVIDER was awarded to 240 students and teachers for their
voluntary work at 7th Flower Expo.

YOUTH MODEL was awarded to college youth league for community activities.

2010            1st Prize was granted by Beijing Education Commission to Gengdan team A in

Beijing First Entrepreneurship Designing Competition.

And 3rd Prize was gained by Gengdan team B.

1st and 3rd prizes were granted to two teams from Mechanical Engineering Department

in Beijing 2nd Computer Mapping.

Twice granted CIVILIZED YOUTH LEAGUE by district Youth League Committee.

ADVANCED for blood donation in year 2010 by Beijing Red Cross Committee. 




2006             CIVILIZED TEAM in annual university games at Beijing University of Technology.

2007             2nd Place for college sports team and CIVILIZATION PRIZE for participation.

1st prize in Funny Games.

2008            1st Prize for college sports team and CIVILIZATION PRIZE for participation.

2nd prize in Funny Games.

4th Place Amateur at 29th Beijing College Aerobics Competition.

8th Place at Beijing College Basketball Championship.

2009            2nd Place for college sports team.

2nd Place Amateur at 30th Beijing College Aerobics Competition.

7th Place at Beijing College Basketball Championship.

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