An Introduction

Gengdan Institute has the qualification of employing international teachers from year
2005 when it was founded. More than ten experienced international teachers from the
United Kingdom, the United Stated, Ireland, Canada, India, Japan and Bangladesh are employed for science and humanity classes. Their different cultural backgrounds enhance student understanding in cross-cultural communication.

Mohammad Shams

An M.A degree holder and an English Literature graduate of  National University of Bangladesh.
Courses taught: College English, Science, English Research     Paper.

Ray Snyder 

A college graduate of Chemistry & Math from Southern
  University Carbondale, USA. A certificate holder of
Project Management from Capella University, USA.      
Courses taught: English Writing, English Reading,
Conversation and Multiple Culture.

Paul Oakes

MBA , Winthrop University, USA. BS/Engineering, Virginia
Polytechnic Institute, USA.
Courses taught: English Speaking,The Society and Culture of Major English Speaking Countries, etc. 

Haoyuan Xu

Director of Mental Health Center
Post doctorate research, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
PhD in psychology, University of Notre Dame, USA.
Courses taught: Introduction to Social Work, Sociology of
Law, etc.      




FionnBarra O’Herlihy


B.A.(Honours) English Literature, Glyndwr University, Ireland

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA),  University College Cork, Ireland

Courses taught: Oral English, Co-teaching, and English Writing.




Darryl L. Unger


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film and Video Production, Point Park  College, USA

He has working experience in Korea, Taiwan and other provinces in China.

Courses taught: Oral English, English Literature, and Newspaper Reading.




John Arcas


Bachelor of Biology, Leeds University, England.

He has obtained the qualification of E.F.L. Teaching.

Courses taught: Science, Oral English.






Adam Stephen Belcher


Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature,

Golfsmiths, University of London, England.

Courses taught: English Writing


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