Job Opportunities

Welcome to Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology!


     Recruitment Plan
International teachers and professionals are encouraged to apply for the teaching
positions in Gengdan Institute.

·The college recruits native speaking teachers to teach English and Japanese.
·The college also recruits and invites professors, experts and teachers of other 
   subjects for
teaching and research.

·Besides yearly contracts, we also welcome international professionals to take
sabbaticals or vacations teaching, lecturing or doing research on Gengdan campus.



·Friendly to China and to the Chinese people.
·Abiding by the Chinese laws and observing the regulations of the institute.
·At least a bachelor degree or above needed for language teaching.

·A master degree or above for particular subjects.
·Articulate and patient.
·Experience in teaching preferred.
·Happy and healthy.
·A teaching load of 20 class periods per week for language teachers and 12 
   periods plus
research for other subject teachers.


Salary, Bonus and allowance


Monthly salary ranges from RMB 4100 to 6100, depending on the educational
background, courses offered, working attitude and the quality of teaching.


A round-trip airfare of economy class from Beijing to your hometown international
airport is provided upon signing an academic yearly contract. One way airfare is
paid for signing the semester contract.

·Traveling Allowance

RMB2000 for holiday allowance is offered and half of the holiday allowance is paid at the end of each semester.


A fully furnished apartment is provided free of charge except for the electricity,
water, telephone and internet bills.

·Medical Treatment and Insurance

Free medical treatment at the campus clinic is available and a commercial insurance
is paid by the institute for accident and medical protection at AIA.


Holiday and Vacation

·Public holiday

International teachers are supposed to be paid for the national public holidays
in China. International teachers are not required to teach on the Chinese national
public holidays but to work at two weekends before or after the public holiday as
Chinese government requires.

·Cultural / Religious Holiday

There are no working days off for international teachers to observe any cultural or
religious holidays unless the permission is gained from Gengdan Institute
in advance.

·Winter vacation

The winter vacation is paid fully at a rate of the monthly salary for a yearly contract.


Application Documents Required
·a resume
·a copy of passport
·a copy of the highest diploma / degree
·2 reference letters
·a recent medical check-up report
·4 passport-sized photos / electronic ones.


For those who are interested in working with us, please contact:

International Office,

Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology

Shunyi District, Beijing, China, 101301
Tel: 86-10-69411233 / Fax: 86-10-60411756 / Email: interoffice@gengdan.edu.cn

Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology TEL:+86-10-60411788,FAX:+86-10-60411756